Happy New Year – New acrylic frames for 2017

Happy New Year! Wishing you a magical start to the new year.

Jessica’s largest pieces of work have seen a transformation in the last few days. Jessica has sought to place her work in acrylic frames for some time. And after much research and experimentation the work has been cleaned, moved and rehung with a completely new look.

Jessica Coote

Frames allow the viewer to be drawn in by the picture and focus on all the 3D aspects.

This new contemporary framing allows the viewer to really appreciate the detail and 3D nature of her work. These bespoke fames were made by Jacksons Framing Ltd.

Discreet wall mounting and the streamlined frame adapts to almost any decor style while reducing the overall weight. Acrylic frames will be available as an option for new commissioned work and will be used to frame larger soft sculptures in the future.

Jessica Coote

Posted by Jessica Coote

Jessica Coote is a creative hand embroidery/textile artist from East Sussex, England. Through creative hand embroidery and textile art, Jessica endeavours to interpret the beauty and tranquil ambiance of the natural world. The great richness of each scene that she depicts is explored through its colours, textures, patterns, organic forms, light and shadows.